Silver Splendor

Silver Splendor

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The beautiful and rebellious American artist, Elizabeth Hastings, is livid when the arrogant Lord Nicholas Ware has the nerve to offer to make her his mistress – after he criticizes her free-thinking American lifestyle.

No man – no matter how noble his name or how powerful his allure – should dare insult Elizabeth Hastings…and get away with it.

Lord Nicholas Ware is well-aware that his title and position place Miss Hastings well below him…but then why is it such a struggle for him to maintain control around her?

One moment of wild abandon, one stolen kiss and Nicholas knows that she must be his. Now he just has to convince this beautiful maverick that his heart is sincere…

Will Lord Ware be able to unlock the secrets of Elizabeth Hastings’ mysterious heritage, save her from the vague evil that threatens her life…and woo her as improperly as any proper English gentleman should..?